Not quite comics but comic related

I know that it is not quite a comic book but it is related in a way to it.
I am very addicted to this game

It is super fun and free to play if you like you should check it out here is the link. Download now


Check out this variant cover

Referencing my previous post of the all new X-factor. Check out this awesome @skottieyoung variant cover.

Have to say one of my favorite artists. What about you out there who is your favorite artist/ variant cover.

Just picked up All new X-factor #1

Was at my local comic book store and just checking out the new shelves and came upon the All New X-Factor.

20140402-224815.jpg the cover really caught my eye so I thought I would pick it up and I was surprised to find out that gambit Play a lead roll in it. Review will probably be up soon

First Review in a While

As of yesterday I just posted a new Review. Check it out just click on that link there. No you past it it is back to the left, just head back in <—– that direction.  It is on the first issue of the Marvel Now Deadpool. Go Check out the review and the comic it will not fail you.

Back… At least for now

So I am getting back in to comics. Started reading again. Thanks to the new run of Marvel Now comics. The art, the writing, the over all ideas just makes you want to read and read and see what is next and what else is out there. Now I know I am a little bit behind but what is great about all these series is that you can easily jump right in to a series that you want to check out and be right at home. Since most of the series is still pretty new it is fairly easy to find the back issues.

Now the series that I am getting in to is the new deadpool I will be doing some reviews on it soon bit I mean how do you not get into this book look at the cover. Nothing like having deadpool flying through the air towards a Godzilla like monster guns a blaze. Oh and did I mention that Godzilla is spewing out cats and dogs. Simply awesome check it out or keep an eye out for the review


Deadpool issue 1

New Idea…The Days

This is an idea that I thought that would be fun to introduce to the website.
Speciality days.

Talk about it Tuesday (comic review day)
What We are reading Wednesday
Fresh Comic Friday (new comics that just came out)
Super Saturday (readers choice)
Lazy Sunday

Still thinking about what to do on Monday and Thursday.  If you have any thought comment. Who knows you might have your own day,

First Author Bio

Took sometime to put in my author bio. I didn’t want to make it to long winded so I omitted a lot of stuff.

If you would like to go check it out this link will bring you there DeadGuy #1 bio 

Thanks for reading and there will be more to come